Color Me Crazy by Carol Pavliska
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A sexy yarn of warmth, wit, and humor with an unflinching eye for the flaws that make us human.- Erin Quinn, NYT Bestselling Author of the Three Fates of Ryan Love

“Author Carol Pavliska’s rock star romance debut stimulates your senses with vibrant characters, witty humor, and sizzling sexual chemistry. Warning: Color Me Crazy is a highly addictive must-read!”- Alison Bliss, author of "Size Matters"

“The characters are so beautifully atypical, the relationships are so breathtakingly flawed, and the journey is so brutally honest that I was caught between never wanting it to end and needing it to just so I could pry the Kindle out of my hand.”- Elizabeth Hayley, author of "The Bet"

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Dear Reader,

I didn’t set out to write steamy romance. But no matter which genre I sampled from the literary menu, some guy with ridiculously chiseled abs and a chip on his shoulder (I do love the angst) weaseled his way into my manuscript.

I deleted him, of course, but he kept coming back. “Listen,” I said. “I’m working on something deep. And your bare chest is blocking the view of my future Nobel Prize.”

“Speaking of my bare chest,” he said. Seriously? He had a British accent? “It’s a bit nippy in here.”

It was. And his nipples were pierced. I hadn’t noticed that before. Nevertheless, I put my fingers back on the keyboard with determination. “If you won’t go away while I pound out the next American classic, at least be quiet.”

It’s hard to bleed brilliance from your fingertips while an imaginary half naked man with pierced nipples stares at you, but I did my best to get on with the business of staring at a blank screen. Maybe if I did that long enough a real muse would show up. That’s when the curvy redhead blew in.

I held up a hand. “Nope. Not you, either. I’m waiting for a lightning bolt of inspiration, and you look like a hot mess.”

She laughed, plopped down on the sofa, and made come hither eyes at the shirtless guy. “Do you know what he needs?” she asked.

“The nearest exit?” I replied, hopefully.

“A guitar,” she said.

The shirtless man perked up. He liked the sound of that. The room filled with electricity, my laptop screen filled with words, and I was filled with what can only be described as inspiration. Weird, right? Taking the advice of my unexpected muse, I gave the man a guitar. I also gave him a name (Julian), a ton of tattoos, and something called synesthesia, which is hard to say but fun to play with. The result is COLOR ME CRAZY, a contemporary romance novel of which I’m extremely proud to be the author. You can peak at some reviews and the first chapter here.

While you’re doing that, I’ll have a little chat with Travis, the shirtless landscaper currently pacing my floor. To learn more about him and his path to happily ever after, be sure and sign up for my newsletter, the Motley Muse.