Meet Julian

Looking for your next book boyfriend? Look no further than JULIAN WHEATON, the guitar-playing hero of Color Me Crazy.

Special Talent: Lightning fast fingers. Julian is a virtuoso guitarist. Unfortunately, two skills are necessary for success in a band: a great sense of musicality and the ability to play well with others. Guess which one Julian doesn’t have?

He might not be a team player, but he’s insanely loyal to his family and friends. He’s also generous to a fault, and most importantly to Cleo Compton, he’s a one-woman man. That’s all that matters to her. Well, that and those lightning fast fingers…

Fancy Quirk: Synesthesia. Julian sees every sound he hears as colors, which puts him in the unique position of living his life inside a psychedelic kaleidoscope. In addition to seeing sounds, he also sees emotions. His favorite color is orange, because it’s what he sees and smells when he’s around Cleo.

Hobbies and Interests: Playing guitar, writing music, analog recording, and collecting vintage clothes and concert T-shirts. He also enjoys pretending he doesn’t like being the center of attention.

Strong Dislikes: Crowds, loud noises, and obnoxious people in the music industry. So, hey, let’s be a rock star, shall we?

Perfect Date Night: A small local dive with live music and good food. If you’re lucky, the date will also include a nightcap at Julian’s loft and recording studio in downtown San Antonio. If you’re super lucky, you’ll be introduced to his white Les Paul guitar, and the two of them will give you a private concert you’ll never forget.

He stood and strummed the first chord. The music entered through his chest like a fist. He played it back out, sending it into Cleo in deep reds and browns, warm and smoky, like the hues of Eric Clapton.

Her eyes drifted shut with a sigh. He smiled at how easily she was swept away.

He dropped the notes lower on the scale and picked out an intricate melody that floated down and hovered in the air above her head, misty swirls of purple and red. As the notes drifted lower on the scale, his eyes drifted lower on Cleo.

Flaws? Maybe one or two. You’ll hate him around page 300, but he manages to get his act together in a seriously swoon-worthy way before being dragged to his Happily Ever After (kicking and screaming). It’s a good ride – just hold on!